TOX Pressotechnik USA is a market leader in press driving technology. Powered by a multilingual worldwide sales and customer support staff, TOX has been helping clients around the globe meet their production needs since 1980.


The TOX philosophy is built on a combination of demanding quality standards and value-added customer service. With an international reach spanning 37 countries, TOX products power global industry. At TOX, we embrace innovation, and we are continually leveraging new strategies and technologies to improve our performance. This fundamental approach is what allows us to outperform our competitors and exceed the expectations of our associates and partners.


The TOX family of products supports a broad range of industrial applications, including:

  • Production systems. TOX specializes in meeting the custom manufacturing needs of industrial clients.
  • Clinching. TOX clinching products heighten efficiency and reduce the costs of sheet metal joining applications.
  • Fastener insertion and self-piercing. TOX has extensive experience with industrial insertion elements. Trust us to recommend the best equipment for your intended application.
  • Riveting, crimping and flaring. TOX offers a full range of riveting, crimping and flaring products that help you streamline manufacruting and refining proceeses.
  • Assembling, mounting and press fitting. TOX provides precision tools for mounting roller bearings and press-fitting bushings and gears.
  • Pressing and compressing. TOX's range of pressing and compressing products is ideal for both wet and dry processes in a full range of industries. 
  • Bending and straightening. TOX carries powerful bending and straightening tools and machinery for the most challenging jobs.
  • Punching, piercing and shearing. TOX helps you manage these tasks efficiently - at the first time.
  • Coining and marking. Product designations, day stamping, serial number impressions and coining are no problem when you choose TOX.
  • Clamping and chucking. TOX offers advanced technologies for simultaneous joining and clamping, and locking work pieces into position.

Pneumo-hydraulic drives

TOX Powerpackage – the energy-saving pneumatic cylinder with
integrated oil system and automatically initiated powerstroke.
Press force from 2 to 2000 kN, total stroke up to 400 mm, powerstroke up to 80 mm.
The patented TOX features: bypass system, hydraulic damping, absolute air/oil separation.


Electro-mechanic drives

TOX ElectricDrive – modular constructed electric spindles offering
0.5 – 700 kN press force, from individual standalone systems up to
high production cells and complex production cells:
The solution for a whole variety of applications.



A speciality in the TOX Press programme:
the TOX PowerKurver, the press with a
90° aperture angle and press force generated by a cam.

TOX PowerKurver


They are the gentle giants.
Versatile, sturdy and economic.
With three drive choices equipped for all tasks!

Benchtop presses

TOX FinePress – the flexible and upgradeable table press programme

comprising four product lines and three frame sizes. Pressforces from 2 – 57 kN.
Manual operation, with pneumatic assistance, or merely pneumatic.
Have a look at it!

TOX FinePress

Joining techniques

The leading clinching system with many advantages:

cost efficient, reliable, versatile, environmentally

friendly and user oriented



Force fit, punching, marking

We successfully solve also such tasks with
TOX products and our experience.
Talk with us!




Whether manual, machine or robot tongs
– a comprehensive programme offers in many variants,
everything needed for clinching, punching, joining, forming,
using press forces up to 80 kN.




For each machine the appropriate electric or pneumatic control
– from two-hand controls up to programmable PLC safety controls.
Precisely tailored to your requirements.


Process monitoring

The new CEP 400 series means intelligent control
and documentation of joining processes.
For pressing operations, use the well tried monitoring device series EPW.
Quality assurance from the very beginning.

TOX Monitoring


Production Cells

Prepared for almost each special task.
Customized TOX Production Cells built from TOX standard components
– economic, flexible, long-living and reliable.

Production Cells


Production Systems

Do you have a need for a machine customized to your specifications? Then give us a call!



Sheet metal joining is your task?
Here is the right technology for you - TOX Clinching!


Fastener Insertion, Self-Piercing

Do you need to install pierce nuts, pierce studs, or other insertion elements?

TOX supplies the experience, the know-how and the right equipment!


Riveting, Crimping, Flaring

All are common processes for TOX.

We love to do this for you!


Assembling, mounting or pressfitting

Mounting of roller bearings, press fitting of bushes or gears?
Accurate positioning within a precisely monitored process
- achieve your production goals with TOX solutions!


Pressing, Compressing

Compressing damp or wet materials? Forming of glass, clay, even food? Production of sintered parts?
An easy job for the TOX presses!


Bending, Straightening

... these or other processes?

Find them here or get in touch with your TOX contact person!


Punching, Piercing and Shearing

You want to pierce holes or punch contours?
TOX has the experience and the equipment to do the job right the first time!


Coining, Marking

Day stamp, serial number, product designation, coining of projection weld humps?
Talk to TOX!

Clamping, Chucking

Want to lock a work-piece in position? Or do simultaneous clamping and joining?
These are typical tasks for the TOX-PowerKurver!


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TOX customer projects

Projects to show applications of TOX in Action ...

The TOX-Round Point is conductive!

The perfect solution for electric foil conductors! Already with a ø 1 mm small TOX-Point a sufficient conductivity is provided!

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