TOX Clinch Procedures

TOX PRESSOTECHNIK offers a patented clinching technique that results in a solid die cavity, but joint shapes can also be customized to your project-specific needs. Clinch procedures include:

TOX Round Joint

TOX Round Joint - Universal Clinching Joint

Patented and used over one million times, the round joint provides high static and dynamic strength without cutting or corrosion. Round joints create simple, solid tools, with a very long lifespan. (Also available as MICROpoint with 1.5 and 2 mm point diameter.)


TOX SKB Clinching

Versatile die with a combination of fixed and sliding segments, this method is used for special applications, or in conjunction with the ClinchRivet or with glue within the sheet metal layers for further strength. more

TOX ClinchRivet

ClinchRivet - sheet metal joining

Used an an alternative to the pierce rivet, this simple, cylindrical rivet is cold-formed into the metal during the clinching process. more


Sheet metal joining with TOX-TWINpoint

Increases dynamic strength by creating a double joint with a diameter of 2mm to 10mm.

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TOX Vario Joint I

Clinching with TOX Vario Joint I

Used to join sheets that differ in thickness or material (metal and non-metal). more

TOX Flat Joint

Sheet metal joining with TOX Flat Joint

Joining system that flattens the joint protrusion when it is aesthetically undesirable or when the protrusion causes interference. more


TOX manufacturing representatives can help you select the clinch procedure that is best for your application. To request an estimate for sheet metal clinching, or to inquire about customized techniques for your project and material requirements, contact our worldwide company by email or phone.

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