Pneumatic Benchtop Press

Our pneumatic presses incorporate the TOX-Pneumatic cylinder featuring the latest pneumatic seal technology for smooth and reliable pressing and forming operation. The TOX-Pneumatic Benchtop Presses are available with capacities ranging from 2 - 57.5 kN (450 - 12,926 lb-force) and in three frame sizes. Our pneumatic presses include a ball rail guide system and a basic tool set. Pneumatic presses use pressurized air to apply pressure and perform processes such as pressing, forming, and joining. Once a stroke is complete, the pressurized air leaves through valves and the press returns to its resting position. Pneumatic presses are much quicker than hydraulic presses, and are able to be stopped, even mid process, when an operator opens their valves to release air. They are versatile, easy to use, and require no fluid to operate. TOX Pneumatic Presses have adjustable end positioning and dampening, stroke adjustment over entire travel, and have an end position sensor with stroke adjustment.

Pneumatic Benchtop Press


TOX Pneumatic Press Optional Accessories:

1 Pneumatic counter with integrated pressure switch

2 Upper position sensor mounted on tie rods

3 Travel sensor

4 Bottom position sensor with stroke adjustment requires no sensor adjustment when stroke is adjusted

5 Standardized interface for electrical sensors

6 Available with pneumatic slide table

7 Tool fixtures

8 Adjustable return stroke dampening


TOX Pneumatic Press Standard Accessories:

1 Air connections integrated in the frame for clean plumbing

2 Stroke adjustment over entire travel


The TOX pneumatic benchtop presses are also available with load cells and travel sensors for process monitoring.


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Pneumatic Press Integrated Accessories:

Adjustable end position dampening
Adjustable end position dampening
Stroke adjustment over entire travel
Stroke adjustment
End position sensor with stroke adjustment
End position sensor with stroke adjustment

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