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Semi-Hollow Riveting

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Punch riveting with semi-hollow rivets

Semi-hollow rivets are similar to solid punch rivets, except they have a partial hole (opposite the head) at the tip. The purpose of this hole is to reduce the amount of force needed for application by rolling the tubular portion outward. The force needed to apply a semi-hollow rivet is about 1/4 of the amount needed to apply a solid rivet.


The process is similar: the metal-layers are placed between holder and the die. With the motion of the punch the rivet cuts through the first layer. Due to the shape of the die and the rivet, the rivet spreads into the next layer, which is not cut or punched.

Process of punch riveting with semi-hollow rivets
Source: LWF



Application of rivet


Deformation of rivet and joined parts


Return stroke

The setting of semi-hollow rivets requires access to both sides of a structure. The major difference between punch-riveting and the common riveting is, that it doesn't require a hole being drilled or punched in advance. Punch-riveting means that the rivets punches the hole by itself so the joining process becomes easier and faster.

Semi-hollow rivets have the following advantages:

  • Joining of two different coated materials
  • Joining without heat and distortion
  • Strong connection - visual testable
  • No drilling or punching of holes in advance
  • Material of different strength can be joined 
  • Fast and automatic procedures possible
  • No centering under the rivet-holes
  • High potential on rationalism
  • Not much safety-equipment required
  • no impact on workplace-pollution
  • Environmentally friendly

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