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Solid Punch Rivetting

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Joining with solid punch rivets

When riveting with solid punch rivets, the parts to be joined are first clamped between the stripper and the die. The punch is piercing the rivet through the sheet metal layers, until the rivet is flush with the surface of the punch-side of the part. During the subsequent reprints, the punch and stripper presses the materials onto the ferrule of the die. The die side material flows into the annular groove and a form-lock and force-fit connection is created.

Here we are talking about solid punch riveting used e.g. in car parts.




Application of rivet


Deformation of rivet and joined parts


Return stroke

The setting of these fasteners requires access to both sides of a structure. The major difference between punch-riveting and the common riveting is, that it does not require a hole being drilled or punched in advance. Punch-riveting means that the rivets punches the hole by itself so the joining process is easier and faster.

cut though a point

The special advantages of using solid punch riveting technology are:

  • Piercing rivets connect different and coated materials
  • Low heat and therefore low-distortion connection
  • High strength, optically testable connection
  • No pre-drilling or pre-punching of holes
  • Riveting work pieces of different thicknesses and strengths
  • Fast, automatic processing possible
  • No centering on rivet holes necessary
  • High potential for rationalization
Customer Projects with Solid Punch Riveting Systems
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With the innovative technology for solid punch rivetting, TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK, the specialists for sheet metal joining, amends their delivery and performance program with a most promising process.


The Solid Punch Rivetting offers an additional mechanic sheet metal joining which is of great importance for lightweight constructions and/or the joining of hybrid parts and subassemblies.


And also the rivet feedings, the tongs and the tool holding fixtures are of such an universal construction that with the hand-held tongs and the robot tongs it is possible to process solid punch rivets of diam. 4,0 mm and lengths from 3.3 to 8.1 mm, as well as solid punch rivets of diam. 5.0 mm and lengths from 3.9 to 9.0 mm in a flexible way.


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